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Buy Apcalis SX 20mg Tablets and Apcalis SX Oral Jelly from the UK

Ajanta Pharma’s replicated recipe of Cialis and Adcirca called Apcalis SX is yet another generic drug for managing impotence. Tadalafil is the winning ingredient in both of these erectile dysfunction treatments. With identical formulas, Apcalis SX is highly effective in the treatment of ED.

Apcalis SX Frequently Asked Questions

In this FAQ, we’ll strive to answer all of your burning inquiries about the lesser known, but just-as-effective Apcalis SX.

How does Apcalis SX Work?

Apcalis SX is a PDE-5 inhibitor that works by relaxing the strained muscles in the prostate, bladder, and corpus cavernosum. Once these smooth muscles become relaxed, blood can start flowing freely to these pelvic organs, which is what an erection requires.

After taking Apcalis, certain sexual stimulation and foreplay are necessary in order to produce a fine looking and natural feeling erection.

Is 20mg the Only Dose of Apcalis SX?

Yes, 20mg is the exclusive dosage option of Apcalis SX. For the majority of males diagnosed with ED in the broad bracket of 18 to 70 years of age, 20mg is the optimal amount.

This dose should be ingested at least 45 minutes in anticipation to sexual relations, and the effects will linger for up to 36 hours.

For tadalafil virgins, it’s best to ease into your Apcalis regimen with a half dose. 10mg will provide a reference for any impending unwanted side effects, and prepare you for a stable erection.

Is Apcalis SX Oral Jelly as Effective as Apcalis Tablets?

Ajanta developed an oral jelly alternative to their Apcalis tablets for men who’d rather not have to swallow a pill or crave something that works a bit quicker than a tablet. The ingredients are exactly the same, as are the effects.

Apcalis SX Oral Jelly comes in individually wrapped sachets of delicious fruity flavors that take effect within just fifteen minutes. Suck the jelly right out of the packet, or mix into your favorite drink—but abstain from alcohol when taking this medication.

Foods with a high fat content could lessen the effecaciousness of this drug, too. So if you’re planning to pop Apcalis, your ketogenic or paleo eating habits may have to take a break. Meals and snacks drenched and cooked in butter or oil, nuts, cheeses, and fatty meats can all block tadalafil from working with full power. Try a healthy lean protein atop a green salad with a glass of water instead.

What are the Side Effects of Apcalis SX?

Possible mild side effects of Apcalis SX include symptoms resembling a cold or flu such as a headache, stuffy, blocked, or excessively runny nose, and sore throat, as well as intermittent back pain, stomach pain, and priapism—a prolonged, painful erection that fails to subside.

Should your erection last more than four hours, your ejaculations appear and feel abnormal, or if you experience startling disturbances in your vision or hearing, present yourself to a doctor without hesitation.

Questions from the General Public

In an effort to cover all aspects of the drug in one concise FAQ blog, we have selected a few pertinent questions from our readers in the UK.

I don’t have problems with erectile dysfunction, but I want to surprise my fiancée for her birthday. Can I try Apcalis? – Alistair D., 27, Milton Keynes

The recreational use of any erectile dysfunction medicine is strictly advised against. You can put yourself in grave danger and wind up in the hospital with adverse penile problems. Don’t take Apcalis SX unless your penis cannot function without it.

Is Apcalis SX better than Cialis? – Omar E., 47, Kingston upon Hull

Apcalis SX and Cialis both have the exact same active ingredient, tadalafil. Both meds have identical effects on the body, the only reason to choose Apcalis is to save tonnes of cash. Personal preference and financial situation is the only genuine answer to this query.

What happens to women if they try tadalafil? – Polly W., 33, Aberdeen

You may have read or heard that tadalafil can make having an orgasm easier for females, or that the sexual experience will be more exhilerating, but substantial evidence has yet to be uncovered. At this time, it is recommended for women to avoid tadalafil as it’s specifically designed for men.

Can I buy Apcalis in the UK without a prescription? – Jude A., 60, Newcastle upon Tyne

Of course, you may purchase Apcalis SX and Apcalis SX oral jellies from reputable pharmacies online without a prescription from your GP. We recommend this pharmacy [**********] in particular. Their checkout process is untroublesome and confidential, and shipping is expedited.

If I take the oral jelly and the tablet at the same time, will my erection last longer? – Tyler James M., 58, Stoke on Trent

Overdosing on tadalafil is dangerous and can lead to priapism. The effects of the 20mg tablet or oral jelly on their own are sufficient enough for multiple pleasurable intercourses over a 36-hour period.

Will my member become stiff as a pole straight away? – Jake C., 42, Plymouth

No, while on Apcalis SX, you’re able to avoid unnecessary embarrassing boners. That is unless you become aroused. The active ingredient in Apcalis doesn’t take effect until you want it to.

To conclude this FAQ piece, Apcalis SX is an excellent, cost-effective generic version of Cialis that is guaranteed to save you money and the embarrassment of being unable to become erect when you’re hot and horny.

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